Your Private Party Sales Consignment Lot

Let us provide you secured storage, extensive advertising and every day availability to show it to your potential buyer. All you have to do is park it and price it. We'll take care of all the rest and get it sold for you!

Our Story

***Please note: You must be the verifiable owner and title holder. No third-party sellers or titles in a different name will be accepted. We assist only private party sellers with marketing their item for sale.***

Have something you would like to sell but don't know where to start? Or maybe you just don't have time, or you don't want to do it yourself. Take the hassle out of selling it with LV Park and Sell!

We act as your own personal selling staff and eliminate all the hassle and headaches that buying and/or selling from your driveway or through a dealership entails. More money will end up in your pocket if you use us vs. a dealership. Guaranteed!

Bring your boat, RV, vehicle or equipment to us and we will sell it for you on consignment. We make the process very easy for you and your buyer.

When you sell with us, you get the advantage of:

-Honest and real-value appraisal

-Secured storage & display space

-Extensive online advertising

-An experienced sales staff to meet with your buyer.

We take all the calls and are available 7 days a week to show it for you. Save your time and sell through us!

We also can assist your buyer in getting financing, if needed.

Once we get an offer and you have agreed to the selling price, we'll finalize the paperwork and process your buyer's payment. All you will have to do is stop back in and pick-up your money.